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Our most popular horn has features that include a 10" (254mm) bell, a .560" (14.23mm) bore, a 20 3/4" (527mm) length, a weight of 5 lbs. 3 Oz. (2.64kg), a 6 1/2 AL mouthpiece and a heavy-duty travel case. The instrument comes in lacquer or silver finish. The Bb Baritone uses a large throated 10" bell. The horn produces a characteristic dark and resonant baritone sound that embellishes the full horn ensemble. Give yourself or your students pinpoint tuning accuracy with the new "Micro-Tune" tuning slide. The "Micro-Tune" slide allows you to have the tuning control that you have always wanted in a brass instrument. The slide has been specifically designed to compensate for each instrument's specific tuning needs. Finally a VERY "user friendly" technique of tuning that puts you in total control of your instrument. (Formerly model number 010-M2070)
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